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2016 Challenge

The 2016 FIT First Responders Truck Challenge is a 25-week FIT FOR DUTY. FIT FOR LIFE Challenge provided for the Tulsa Police, Firefighters, EMSA, National Guard and all Tulsa area First Responders. Competitors will be judged on both the external and internal transformation over the 25 weeks. Competitors progress will be measured with before and after photos along with their “Story” (a short essay). They will be judged on the improvement of their external and internal transformation. The winner will drive away in a brand new 2017 Chevy Silverado from our partner, Jim Glover Chevrolet.


Fit First Responders 2016 Transformation Challenge will run from October 31st – April 28, 2017. The challenge is currently open to First Responding Personal of Tulsa Metro of Oklahoma of the United States of America. The first 400 First Responders will be guaranteed a spot to participate.

You must be a current active first responder to be eligible to win. See official rules.



Registration Details:

Registration will be held on Saturday, October 29th 2016 from 10am – 2pm and Sunday, October 30th from 1pm-4pm at Dynamic Sports Development (DSD) located at 4707 S 102nd E Ave. Tulsa Ok 74146

  • ALL competitors MUST be present on one of these two day.
  • Your Registration will include:
    • Before Picture
    • Measurements
    • Body Composition Analysis
    • Medical lab work (ALL competitors are required to go to WellQuest Medical Clinic within the first week of challenge to collect lab work. This is free of charge to the competitor.)
    • Spinal Screening and Scan by Dr. Cameron Maynard of Maximized Living
    • ALL competitors are required to bring your printed out Registration Packet
    • You will also at this time sign up for your designated training time at DSD for the 25 weeks. (First come first served)
      Training times available:


Mon Wed Fri.

Tues Thurs Fri .


Mon Wed Fri.

Tues Thurs Fri.


Mon Wed Fri.

Tues. Thurs. Fri.


Mon Wed Fri.

Tues Thurs Fri.


Mon Wed Fri


Mon Wed Fri.

Tues Thurs Fri.


Mon Wed Fri

  • To qualify each competitors must make 3 workouts a week for 23 of the 25 weeks.
  • There will be a registration donation of $20/month for the 25 weeks(6 months)

Download the Registration Packet

Valuable Information for the Competitor:

*To qualify each Competitor must make 3 workouts a week for 23 of the 25 weeks.

*There will be a registration/donation of $20/month for the 25 weeks(6 months)

Start Your Transformation — Monday October 31st 2016. You will report to your designated training time at DSD.
-During the 25 weeks you will participate in the physical and mental training to build the strongest you so that you can be FIT for Duty. FIT for Life.

The 2016 Fit First Responders Truck Challenge will officially end on April 28th with your FINISH LINE Post Checkout to be on Saturday, April 29th 2017 10am -2pm and Sunday, April 30th from 1pm-4pm at Dynamic Sports Development(DSD).
*ALL Competitors MUST be present on one of these two days to be eligible.

*Same requirements as the pre-registration will take place on these dates.


May 7th – Time TBD at Jim Glover Chevrolet on the river.
– Winners will be announced

– All participants will be celebrated

– This will be an event at the end of the 25 weeks for you and your family and one like the city of Tulsa has never seen as we celebrate our First Responders Taking a Stand in being FIT for Duty. FIT for Life.

* The “FIT FIRST RESPONDERS™” Truck Giveaway Transformation Challenge program includes (5) WINNING WORKSHOPS (Location and time TBD). These valuable, empowering, workshops designed for you and your family will help you stay on track, supported and accountable to your goals. The workshop schedule is as follows:

Saturday, November 12th “How to Set Your Goals and WIN”
Saturday, December 3rd – “WIN 4 LIFE”- The 4 Pillars To WIN!
Saturday, January 21st – “Nutrition 101 – WIN in your eating.”
Saturday, February 18th “Awakening the WINNER Within”
Saturday, March 11th “How to Be YOUR BEST and be FIT for Duty FIT for Life.”

2016 Challenge Dates

Register Date:  October 29th or 30th 2016

Start Date: October 31, 2016

Finish Date: April 28th 2017

2016 Challenge Prizes

5 Overall Winners (Four runner up winners and The overall 2016 Truck WINNER receive):

Overall 2016 WINNER – A 2016 Jim Glover Chevy Silverado Truck ($40,000.00)

First Place Male Winner – $1000 cash + prizes

First Place Female Winner – $1000 cash +prizes

Runner Up Make Winner – $1000 cash + prizes

Runner Up Female Winner – $1000 cash + prizes

**The 2016 Prize Package will be enlarged with prizes throughout the 25 weeks. If you were a part of our 2015 Challenge then you know that we at FFR and our partners love to over-deliver.

2016 Challenge WINNERS

The 2016 Winners and Truck WINNER will be determined based on a point system with 100 points possible:

50 points (Panel Judged)

External Transformation– Pic – taken at DSD during registration and at Conclusion

Internal Transformation – Story – provided at registration and at Conclusion

50 points – (Compliant based – points for performing and completing)

Attendance -10 points – (3 out of 5 days a week = Qualifying week/ 23 Qualifying weeks for points)

**ALL competitors MUST make 23 qualifying weeks to be eligible. For making 23 qualifying weeks you will receive 10 points. If 23 qualifying weeks are not made you will not be eligible for the truck.

Performance -20 points – (5 tests-performed at beginning, middle and end. Points for completion)

Medical – 20 points – (At DSD during registration and post finish line/turning in your Blood Work)