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The Problem

The ProblemFIT FOR DUTY – Although their job and their own personal safety requires it, many first responders are not in the best physical condition. FIT FOR LIFE – Remembering they are human as well – the tragedy and horrible incidents a first responder incurs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is more than we will ever see in a lifetime. This often, as humans, wears on the men and women who suit up everyday to protect and serve our communities. There is a mental and physical crisis amongst our first responders.

There are 3 specific problems that our society faces today when it comes to our first responders and FFR was created to bring the solution to these problems.



It’s no secret that our Nation is not known for being the most fit nation, but FIT First Responders is here to change that starting with the men and women who sacrifice their lives every single day to keep our city safe.

The average mortality rate of a first responder is age 64 compared to the national average mortality rate in the U.S. is age 72.

Many of our police, firefighters and paramedics are in poor physical fitness that has led to millions spent annually on workers’ compensation due to the following:

  • Lack of education
  • Lack of resources available
  • Lack of proper evaluation
  • Lack of a reward system through accountability

FFR was created to provide the proper training for our first responders so that they can be the most physically and mentally fit.

In 2012, the city of Tulsa OK alone spent $28 million over a 3-year period on workers compensation (Tulsa World, 2012). This is no different in each city in our Nation.

Doctors are often treating the symptoms without addressing the cause, poor physical and mental health.

Our program has been designed to cut down on sick days and reduce the risk of job related injuries.

They put themselves in harms way and see more in a week than the average citizen will see in their lifetime.

Through FFR we will create a healthier, wealthier, and safer city for everyone by creating a more physically and mentally fit first responder.



The crime rate is out of control in our country and it is not getting better anytime soon.

It is more important now than ever that our communities work together as one team with one mission to execute one vision and that is creating a safer place to live.

Since we can not cut down on the crime rate we decided to fight the crime with a more fit first responder on the street. Our FFR program was created to build the toughest, bravest, baddest, strongest, finest first responders so that they can fight this at home war against crime and terrorism.



Today we have lost the Love and Respect for our First Responders. The crime rate is out of control and the threat of terrorism is real right here in our backyards.

Our First Responders are the real heroes of our streets. They are the ones every single day putting their life on the line so that we can do what we do…go to work, go to church, take a run, go to the park with our kids, and sleep at night expecting everything is going to be ok. They are the ones that are our frontline, our army right here in the states.

The respect, love and dignity desperately needs to be restored to our police and first responders of our country. It is time for the authority to be restored and the love and respect to be brought back to our first responders.


At FFR we believe that great leaders must first lead themselves.  Through our proven system we develop the person through self mastery and self leadership. We believe that the respect starts within ourselves. We will focus on controlling what we can control and that is to continue to put the most fit, passion filled, purpose driven first responder on the streets.

In America today there is a tremendous disconnect between the private and public sector. Through FFR we will help restore the respect that our first responders deserve and create community within the departments so that together we can build a stronger team and together WIN as a city.