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ALL successful teams have a coach.

At FFR we are made up of coaches who have a heart to help first responders WIN more in life.

If you’re a City or First Responding Department in your city that wants to increase the work performance of your first responders so that  you can create a wealthier, healthier, safer city then FFR Consulting is for you.

At FFR have been blessed to coach first responders to WIN more in life and help cities create a healthier, safer, wealthier city.

The FFR consulting was designed to be able to provide you with the tools you need to create more WINS for your city and to create a unified STRONGER team!

At FFR everyone WINS:

The First Responder – Our consulting is designed to show you how to run an effective FOT FOR DUTY, FIT FOR LIFE program within your city and or department. Our program produced a better all around first responder. A more fit person, with a higher quality of life, and a life of increased longevity. A first responder with a WINNING attitude and more joy and happiness. A first responders that is more physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally fit. A first responder that is better prepared to perform at a higher level. Our FFR program will increase the quality of their life on the job and off the job. As a first responder kit is vital to be fit and prepared mentally and physically to take on the challenges of the day…and that is our objective – to assure that our first responders are FIT FOR LIFE. FIT FOR DUTY

The City -Our program produces a safer, healthier, wealthier city. FFR was created to create a healthier more well adjusted, better performing workforce that will better protect our streets. As we do this our program unilaterally will save the city thousands and even millions of dollars on workers comp which will lead to a more finically wealthy city. As our first responders are more prepared to perform at the highest level the community will be a safer place to live.

The Community -THIS IS THE PERFECT private and public partnership within a city. The government and public sector working together to benefit the community as a whole is what FFR is all about. Through FFR program it gives the citizens of a community peace of mind to see your first responders physically and mentally in shape while increasing the perception and viewpoint of our first responders.

*This is the same system that we have used to create a safer, healthier wealthier Tulsa Ok.

How To Get Started Coaching with Coach JC and the FFR team.

Department Consulting
This Program is for First Responding City Departments (Police, Fire, Paramedics).

Coach JC and the FFR team will coach your Department on how to create a WINNING department(team) through the 4 F’s to be FIT FOR DUTY, FIT FOR LIFE.


Customized programs are designed depending upon the organizations needs along with your commitment to becoming a WINNING TEAM.

Coach JC and the FFR team offers programs from  One Time(FULL DAY) “FIT FOR DUTY. FIT FOR LIFE Bootcamp” to the  “FFR” Program which is a 3 month coaching program with onsite visits and ongoing coaching. Coach JC does this by coming to you, on site, and through phone calls, Skype and email.

Coach JC works with teams, athletes and companies all over the country and loves it but please realize his schedule is limited and on a first come first serve basis.

*ATTENTION FIRST RESPONDERS: Coach JC and his team also provide the physical training when it comes to performance to increase athletic ability and performance. Coach JC is brought in all over the country to run Strength & Conditioning clinics for teams and organizations.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle – Napoleon Hill

Individual Coaching
Coach JC works with a select group of clientele all over the country on a Private one-on-one basis.

This program was designed for the leader.

If you are a Corporal, Sergeant, Captain, Major or Chief that wants to create a WINNING team then Coach JC is your coach.

You can have the peace of mind that you are bringing in THE BEST to help you WIN.

Coach JC has created 3 successful business brands, a successful personal brand and a winning non-profit. He has surrounded himself with a team that is responsible for helping hundreds of companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs WIN in business and in life.


Coach JC has been name 30 under 30 Entrepreneur of The Year, 40 under 40 Entrepreneur of The Year, Oklahoma Best of The Best, Tulsey’s Young Entrepreneur of The Year, and his companies have been named to the A-List for 5 consecutive years. To learn more about Coach JC please visit: